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Book Your Trip


I'm excited to get you out on the water in search of your next Trophy! Rest assured we will work hard to make sure you learn and have fun while on your trip! We offer trips throughout the year for various different Trophy Fish Species including: Walleye, Smallmouth, Salmon and Perch. 


Please use the options below to Book Your Trip.

 Please Note: There is a $200 Deposit required at checkout to book your trip. Deposit refunds will be allowed up to 15 days before your trip and full refunds will be give if we have to cancel due to weather conditions. Remainder of balance to be paid the day of your trip.

Here at Diehard Angling we run top of the line equipment, including rods and reels, if you break a rod or reel, you are required to replace it. 


 In addition, all Walleyes over 23" will be released as a Conservation Rule, unless you intend to mount your Trophy Catch. Also keep on mind Measurements and Photos can be taken for a Replica Mount. 

PLEASE NOTE SPRING WALLEYE NIGHT TRIPS START AT 8PM - please contact me to schedule.

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