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My name is Alec Nickel and I have been fishing since I was 3 years old. My Grandparents have been in the Taxidermy Industry for over 45 years and my Grandpa taught me all of my fishing and hunting skills growing up. I am a "River Rat" and I have been fishing the Rock River, Mississippi River, and Wisconsin River since I was a kid!


I started a YouTube channel in 2020 and began producing videos for myself and others to enjoy. I learned shortly after starting my YouTube Channel, that I wanted to share my passion of fishing with as many people as I could. I love teaching people how to fish and helping them catch their next Trophy.  I work really well with children and love getting them into the outdoors.

look forward to seeing you in the future and enjoying some time on the water to chase Walleye, Smallmouth, Salmon or Perch !

If you have any questions:

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